Qualities Of A Leader

  1. Lead.

  2. Manage Less.
  3. Articulate your vision.
  4. Simplify.
  5. Get less formal.
  6. Energize other.
  7. Face reality.
  8. See change as opportunaty.
  9. Get good ideas from everywhere.
  10. Eliminate boundaries.
  11. Get a ride of bureaucracy.
  12. Follow up.
  13. Put values first.
  14. Cultivates leaders.
  15. Create a learning culture.
  16. Involve everyone.
  17. Make everybody a team player.
  18. Stretch.
  19. Instill confidence
  20. Have fun.
  21. Be number:1 or number:2.
  22. Live quality.
  23. Constantly focus on innovation.
  24. Live speed.
  25. Behave like a small company.

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